Terms & Conditions


Sal Limo Service or SLS is a service of  SLS Limousine,  4101 Pinetree Dr; Miami, Zip: 33140. These are the terms and conditions between SLS and anyone doing business and/or related to our services and ,, The Client? referring to all our potential or established customers. The current terms and conditions shall apply, they are available on our website as well.

SLS is a limousine service and acts as a broker as well when using independent licensed limousine service providers to fulfill some of our?s work. Our drivers are self-employed and they do not require nor do we provide temporary employment .


Occurs when the client submits a reservation request by filling a reservation form and completes the reservation by , “Book Now” button. Before submitting, the client might change or correct data thru “next” and “back” buttons. Client must click on, “Terms & Conditions” before can go further into the booking. Client will receive an automated email showing that the request has been received, but doesn?t constitute an automated acceptance of the reservation, a second email will be sent with the acceptance or rejection of the booking in progress.


The prices shown for one-way transfer from point A to point B at the beginning includes gratuity, taxes, airport fees. Additional fees will occur to current structure if client need additional service, as extra stops, baby car seats, extra time, dogs service, meet and greet, etc, services that require additional fees. Not registered baggage and animals transported in a not enclosed box `may not be accepted by us or our affiliates of limousine providers. Is mandatory to enter in the box “additional comments” (if needed) the age of the child when requesting a baby car seat and number of seats. If we do not have those info, at the time of the pickup the reservation might be cancelled, full fare of the ride will be charged.

A free “upgrade ” from “Business Class” to “First Class” might occur without prior notice.

Special unfortunate events like bad weather conditions, flights delayed beyond the normal situations, or any other situations that might lead to a longer waiting times might trigger a cancellation of the reservation, client must accept these conditions.

The maximum capacity of the vehicles regarding number of passengers and baggage must be enforced, client must take in consideration the stature and comfort of passengers when making the booking. The chauffeur has the right not to accept passengers if there is an issue regarding space and safety conditions.

Regarding hourly reservations, there is a minimum 3 hours booking.


The price specified in the reservation confirmation is a binding fixed price including all taxes and tips. The guaranteed reservation price displayed in the booking procedure is calculated from the type of vehicle chosen, the distance and lead time, pickup time and pickup location. Other requests like baby car seats or additional stops are chargeable. In case of spontaneous change (distance or amount of hours) the price will change and will be charged every 30 minutes at the rate of hourly charge, in accordance with the current price structure.

In case of transfers, a 20 minutes free of charge waiting time will occur for residential area pickups, 45 minutes waiting at baggage claim after flight landed and 1 hour at customs after the flight lands. Over time occurs after time expired and charge will be increments of 30 minutes since waiting time started. Doesn?t apply for flight delays as the client is not culpable.

In the case of hourly bookings, crossing from one county to another might involve additional charges.

Customer has the options to pay for his trip with a credit card. If credit card chosen, there will be a 2% processing fee added. If client wants to pay in cash, need to call us in advance because the software doesn’t have cash option.


In the case of a transfer , cancellation with 90 minutes before pickup time is not chargeable, if its less than 90 minutes, the reservation will be 100% charged including all the fares occurred to that point .

In case of hourly bookings, a minimum 4 hours prior to pickup will be not chargeable, less than 4 hours charge is 100% .Making short notice changes to the reservation cannot be guaranteed by Cata Black Car.

“No Show” without prior cancellation is to be charged 100%. A “No Show” is considered when a passenger is not showing up at the location and time stated in the reservation for a period of 60 minutes at the airports or sea ports, 30 minutes at residences. Drivers will track flights so any delays on flight times will not be considered. If client is aware ad will call driver to have him wait beyond the required allowed time, driver cannot refuse and client will pay for overtime as considered “waiting time” and charged accordingly.


The regulations for Safety roads, general obligation is to wear seat belts. The chauffeur has the obligations and responsibility for the safety of the passengers, therefore passengers must follow his instructions, it is prohibited to open the doors when vehicle is in motion, to throw objects from vehicle and/or to stick out body parts or scream out loud.

Smoking is prohibited in all vehicles, no food is allowed and consuming alcohol is allowed only if was prior pre-arranged.


Sal Limo Service or SLS is not liable for errors occurred thru our website or application, internet correctness, reliability, completeness. Also this applies to all types of damage, in general caused by errors, delays or interruptions of service, technical faults of the infrastructure, incorrect content, omissions, loss or deletion of data, viruses or any damages can result from the use of this online service. Also Cata Black Car is not liable for the availability and functionality of the features offered.

SLS assumes no responsibility for e third party websites content ,correctness and legality occurred via links referred by us or not.

SLS shall not be responsible and liable for failure of the communication networks and gateways, power outage, internet interruptions.

A liability for the services provided by SLS and its affiliates and drivers is excluded.

In any case, the amount of the liability in case that occurs should be limited to twice the fare of the ride.

The client must make any complaints that arise to our office as soon as possible.

SLS is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage of the property belongings carried in the vehicle. Complaints regarding that are due ASAP and should be resolved in 30 days.

SLS is liable, regardless of the legal grounds, only for intent and gross negligence, unless it is in the breach of a contractual obligation. For loss of profits, loss of savings, incidental damages and/or consequential damages, SLS is liable for willful infringement. Except for willful infringement, the liability of SLS shall be limited to damages which were reasonably foreseeable at the conclusion of this contract. The liability remains unaffected for culpable injury to life, limb or death.


For SLS the protection of privacy and personal data is top priority. Our handling of personal data is in accordance with the laws required, collected information from the client are stored in a server with high security protocols. Data is used solely for transportation service and we don?t export any info to anyone, the only data we share is name and phone number when we have an affiliate of ours doing the work for us. The client agrees to the disclosure of such data for the purpose of fulfillment of the contract.

All credit cards entered in the first reservation will be stored and protected from unauthorized access. The only reasons for storing the data is for the possibility of recurring more transactions in the future, data is stored for a limited period of time up to 2 years in an PCI DSS certified payment provider.


The client is responsible of ensuring that all the information that has been provided to SLS by himself or by another person on his/her behalf are complete and accurate. Each use, registration, etc, with a false , fraudulent, speculative or similar purpose is prohibited. The same applies with automated registration procedures. The client confirms that the transportation services will be used for legal matters only.

The client is liable for all damages cause by him to the vehicle and the driver over the legal limit in accordance with the laws.


SLS reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend its service on important grounds even not informing all parties.