Miami, a synonym for summertime and beaches, is one of the most popular vacation spots. However, sand and cocktails are not the only things that this city can offer.  

From beautiful parks scattered all around the city to museums and historic districts, Miami is so much more than a seaside city.

Here is a list of ten places that you shouldn’t miss during your stay, especially if you wish to get to know Miami inside out.



1. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Hidden among the greenery of Coconut Grove, you can find Vizcaya villa. Built from 1914 to 1922 by an industrialist turned millionaire, James Deering, this villa is a great sightseeing attraction. It contains a large paintings collection, including sculptures and furniture. The gardens surrounding the house are breathtaking as well and worth visiting.


2. Miami Seaquarium

This seaquarium is a favorite attraction among children, but also among adults. Situated on Virginia Key island, the aquarium is home to sea mammals, fish, sea turtles, but also reptiles and bird species. One fun fact considering the Seaquarium is that at the time it was built in 1955, it was the biggest attraction of its kind in the world.


3. Jungle Island

Located on Watson Island, this eco-adventure park is a definite must-see. Here you can see up-close lemurs, sloths, flamingos or do some bird-watching (there are over 300 species!). But, if you are up for some adrenaline rush, check out the escape rooms, zip-line or wind tunnel. 


4. Art Deco Historic District

Are you an architecture enthusiast? Or just looking for a colorful facade for your Instagram feed? Look no further, Art Deco District is the perfect place. Over 900 historic art deco, Mediterranean Revival and MiMo (Miami Modern) hotels and housing complexes are located here.


5. Perez Art Museum Miami

If you are more of an artistic soul, Perez Art Museum is the best gallery around. Get to Downtown Miami and visit this place. In its collection, there are over 2,000 works by contemporary artists from both Americas, Western Europe, and Africa.


6. Wynwood Walls

In case you love art, but in a bit more unorthodox version, Wynwood Walls is the district you simply must check out. Besides galleries and museums located there, open-air graffiti and murals around this district done by artists from all around the world are what attracts locals and tourists.


7.  Bayfront Park

Miami is famous for its parks, but one that you shouldn’t miss is Bayfront Park. Located in downtown, besides being a peaceful spot of nature in this urban landscape, this park is also hosting many events. New Year and Christmas celebrations and Independence Day parties are annual happenings here, including various concerts.


8. Lummus Park

When we are on the topic of parks, Lummus Park is also among the favorites. It was inspired by the promenade of the well-known Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach. Many episodes of “Miami Vice” were shot here, so if you are a cinema fan, this is another reason to pay a visit to this place.


9.  Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

This building complex is a science museum, planetarium, and aquarium. It is situated right next to the Perez Art Museum, so you can visit both of these venues back to back. The museum is named after the businessman, Phillip Frost and his wife Patricia since they funded its construction.


10. Coral Castle

This attraction consists of sculptures made out of limestone formed from coral. There are many legends surrounding this place, including the story that its creator, Edward Leedskalnin used supernatural abilities to make his sculptures.


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