Homecoming Limo

For those wishing to make their high school evening special, we offer homecoming Miami limo service. You can enjoy style, glitz and glamour, no matter if it is required or not. For some of us there are only a few opportunities to book a limo and spend the evening like a royalty or a Hollywood star, so why not make the most out of this event.

Parents will not have to worry about friends driving their children and they will have a peace of mind knowing that there is a professional taking you and your friends safely to the prom, to the prom afterparty and back home.

Affordable And Glamorous Homecoming Limo Service in Miami

The biggest myth regarding limos is that they are extremely expensive. This simply depends on the company you are hiring and our policy is to always offer affordable limo service to anyone who needs it. When you and your friends are booking a limo together, you only pay per vehicle, not per person, and you can always split the costs. Our rates are quite reasonable and you will never have to pay anything other than what was agreed upfront while booking. We can pick all of your friends up at once in the place you determined as a starting point or one by one if that’s what you prefer. Feel free to bring your favorite music with you or just ask your chauffeur to play the tunes you like.

Chauffeurs That Care About Your Safety

Parents would much rather prefer if a professional driver was taking you to your homecoming celebration than any of your friends driving you in their own car. Having an experienced chauffeur is far safer option that means you will get to your destination safely and comfortably. Each of our chauffeurs will help you in and out of the car, open doors when needed and get you from one point to the next in the quickest possible way. They have years of experience and have been through all relevant trainings, they know Miami streets well and they were hired only after their backgrounds were thoroughly checked.

The Most Glamorous Limos For Homecoming

You can’t go to your homecoming celebration in just any limo. It has to be glamorous, luxurious and the kind of vehicle that attracts a lot of attention. We have stretch limos, stretch SUVs, stretch hummer limos, luxury vans that can fit up to 15 of your friends, as well as party buses for groups of over 20 people. Every vehicle is well maintained, regularly checked by the city authorities, has high-quality black leather interior and is spacious enough for all of your friends and all of their gowns no matter how big they get.

Book Your Homecoming Limo Now

When the homecoming season strikes everyone is rushing to get the perfect limo for their special evening. In order to ensure that the limo you want is available on the day of your celebration – book your homecoming limo service Miami as soon as possible.

Book your favorite vehicle for you and your friends through the form on our website, by calling our phone or just send us an email with the relevant information like a pickup time and location.

You or your parents can pay with any major credit cards and top Miami limousine will be booked within minutes.

Just make sure your phones are ready, your batteries full and your Instagram feed is on fire and leave the driving to us. Parents can be relaxed and carefree knowing that their children are in the vehicles of the highest quality and driven by the professionals with long term experience.