Miami VIP Car Service

Are you organizing a big event and need a fancy glamorous limo for your VIP guest? Do you have an important businessman or state official visiting your company? Did you invite a celebrity to your fundraiser party? Do you have a popular DJ star or a musician performing in your club? Is one of the world’s best chefs coming to your Miami restaurant?

No matter which VIP is attending your event, transportation is one of the main aspects of their travel that you must take care of on time. By the time they arrive at the airport, your limo and your chauffeur have to be ready to assist them and take them to the hotel, venue or your office. Even if they are locals, you cannot expect them to organize their own transportation for your event.

Best VIP Miami Car Service

We have been transporting VIPs and celebrities around Miami for years and we know what they usually like, what kind of attention and service they need and what needs to be provided for them during their travel. In case they have any special requirements like air temperature inside the limo, special drink or type of music, we will gladly have a consultation with you to provide all these amenities.

Our chauffeurs always keep the highest standard of service, making sure they are wearing a uniform at all times and being extremely polite and courteous. They will assist with any luggage, big or small, and make sure that your guest is feeling welcomed and comfortable inside our limo.

Each and every one of our vehicles are new, in top condition and always well-maintained in order to provide the luxury that our customers expect of us.

Corporate VIP Limousine

Many companies are having VIP guests that they consider crucial to the future of their business. They want to impress them, make them feel special and present their company in the best possible manner. We can help you make an excellent impression on your important guest with one of our elegant sedans. In case you have several important guests, depending on their preferences you can book multiple sedans or one spacious SUV.

We can support you from their arrival to the Miami airport and all throughout the day, take them from meeting to meeting, office to office, event to event and all the way to another city if necessary. If they have a tight schedule to maintain, we will ensure that they make the most out of their time. Our car service and your VIP guests will never be late for a single minute.

Miami Airport Car Service For VIPs

We specialize in airport car service and you can be sure that we will always be on time, even when their plane is delayed or diverted. Our chauffeur will assist them with bags and take them to the designated destination as quickly as possible. We can pick them up from any airport in Miami and take them back once it’s time for them to catch a flight.

If you need a limo service for the VIP guests, you can book the vehicle that meets your needs via the form on our website and submit all the necessary details. If you have any special requirements or need advice from our experienced staff – feel free to call us anytime. You can pay right away with any major credit card and have a peace of mind knowing that we will take care of everything as agreed upfront.

Our goal is to provide your VIP guest with an unparalleled service that will show appreciation for their visit.


Clients can pay using their credit cards or make cash payments. We, however, need you to pre-authorize your credit card before accepting it as a mode of payment. Our booking portal has a provision that allows you to check the rates and make reservations thereafter.
For full reimbursement on all SUVs and Sedans, a 2-hour cancellation notice before the scheduled time of pick-up is mandatory. For the sprinter, customers have to notify us 6 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time.
Child safety seats are available at no additional cost.
"Meet and greet" accords the passenger the luxury of reception by our punctual chauffeurs at the baggage claim or the airport’s terminal. The chauffeur handles all the luggage. This service costs $10 and $15 extra for domestic and international flights respectively. Passengers opting for "Curbside" service contact their assigned chauffeur at the airport’s pick-up point which is usually at the airport's exit.
To enjoy any of our wide range of services, you need to create an account through our website. All your information is stored in a secure enclave.You can checkout as a guest.
Our team at the dispatch centre regularly monitor flights, will be in the know in case of a delayed or diverted flight and act accordingly.
Customers automatically receive a system-generated receipt after confirming reservation.
Smoking, as is the use of drugs and alcohol, is prohibited. A $200 smoking or cleaning fee is levied on passengers who go against this rule.
Sal Limo Services prides itself on being transparent with its customers. The only expected additional fees are:
  • Meet and Greet (domestic flight) - $10
  • Meet and Greet (international) - $15
  • Port fees- $7
  • Extra stop - $20
  • Parking and tolls
  • 30 min for Domestic flights and private jets
  • 1 hour for International and Port
  • 15 min for all private residences