Wedding Services

Sal limo service Miami has a fleet of executive top of the range cars that are all a bride and her groom would ask for their special day. Weddings are known to be a buzz of activity. We at Sal limo service are here to ensure that your transportation needs for one of the most important days of you and your best half’s life are sorted.We are here to give you first-class service and make it a day to remember. Decorations that fit your style and a bottle of subtly aromatic fine champagne served chilled or otherwise are but complementaries to the comfort and convenience that comes with choosing us.


Wedding day is one of the most important days in every person’s life and the one you remember forever, especially when it’s happening in the city like Miami. All the people you love and care about come to celebrate this special occasion with you. It’s getting hard to imagine your wedding day without a glamorous limo that takes you from your home to the church and to the venue. Any other form of transportation is simply out of the question and not a good enough choice for an occasion like this one. This is your perfect day and the transportation must be reliable and safe, but it should also complement your taste and the style of the wedding. Not to mention that you need to fit those delicate wedding dresses in a car and only spacious and well maintained limo can keep them from wrinkling and staining.


Our chauffeurs have been transporting hundreds of brides and grooms on their special day for years. Their friendly approach and politeness will surely make your day even better. They will open doors for you, always make sure that you are comfortable and safe and that you have everything you need. Our staff will be in constant communication with your wedding planner to ensure that everything goes according to the schedule and that each detail is taken care of. We will make as many stops as you like in order to help you find the perfect spot for your wedding photos. Our chauffeurs will find best routes between your destinations and you will never be late because of traffic or construction work.


All our vehicles are glamorous and go well with any kind of style and taste. We have sedans, SUVs and luxury vans if you and your other half want to party on the way or enjoy the ride with the ones closest to you. Decorations for each vehicle can be done according to your wishes and specifications. Bride and groom will get a complimentary bottle of champagne in our limo as a small present for their big day.


We know weddings can get pretty expensive and that everything from a wedding dress to a wedding venue usually completely empties your wallet. We don’t want to be another burden for your budget, but instead want you to have all the glamour of the wedding limo for the good price. With us you will never get unpleasant surprises with extra fees and expenses. We are even willing to make an offer according to your budget, just to make sure that you will get a fancy limo on your special day.

Book us as your wedding limo as early as you can and we promise you will get a superb service. You can reserve your limo via our website or our phone. We even provide easy online payment with credit cards.

In case some of your important wedding guests need transportation, you can book a limo for them, too. Leave your bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as parents, parents-in-law, your elderly guests and children in our safe hands and let them enjoy the wedding without having to think about transportation. Show them how much their presence at your wedding means to you.

In case you are going to the Honeymoon right after your wedding reception, we’d be more than happy to help you with luggage and drop you off at the nearest Miami airport.

Make the most out of your special day by renting an elegant limo service and enjoy every minute of it.